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Earth proudly presents products formulated without Parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), mineral oil, petrolatum, diethanolamine (DEA), polyethylene beads and animal ingredients.* [*except cruelty free honey & beeswax]

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Herbs - Spices - Flowers

  • Teas/Coffee

    We offer a wide selection of herbal teas, functional teas, chai, matcha, and flowering. Certified organic and certified Kosher.

  • Body Wellness

    Our carbon, earth bodies can get depleted of nutrients. We provide elements of Earth to replenish the body with vitamin-mineral supplements and herbs.

  • Bath & Body

    Our earth, plant and sea ingredients are good to the skin and not compromising to your health. We are 100% Vegetarian.

  • Home Care

    Create an earthy vibe in your home with our products. Cleanse and rebalance your environment with our earth-friendly products.

About Us

Our ecological and social responsibility: We support organic and sustainable agriculture. We are committed to selling high quality, natural products while preserving the environment. We conduct our business in a way that allows us to maintain our standard of environmental dedication with commitments to sustainable organic farming and caring for the environment.

We support individuals in self-healing, self-regeneration, self-discovery and self-indulgence while encouraging balance between herbs and many of the earth’s elements, wholism and science.

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What we do

We make an effort to show how we are all little earths; we have in our bodies what Earth has in hers. When we are depleted in energy, allow Earth's crystals to restore the energy. When we are depleted in vitamins and minerals, allow Earth's minerals and herbs/plants to restore your nutrients. We want you to be aware of your connection to Earth; so we are the bridge to provide that connection.

For every order you place, we plant a tree. EVERY ORDER PLANTS A TREE!


Lungs are under attack across the world.
We aim to do something about it!

We do what we can to help Earth AND every living thing on Earth. This is why we commit to making sure we provide pure products AND
for EVERY order made, a tree is planted!
Trees are like the vacuums of our planet. Through their leaves and bark, they absorb harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen for us to BREATHE.
Thank YOU for making a difference!

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